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What happens after the 19th July 2021 ?

So you are all asking us the Question? What happens after the 19th July? And what will this mean for Irish Citizens.
Ireland is due to adopt the EU Digital Covid Certificate (DCC) from the 19th July
How do I get a EU Digital Covid Certificate
Each country will issue the certificate for their residents and the cert will state that the intending traveller will be fully vaccinated OR have had a negative Covid test within 48 hours of travelling OR have proof of recovery from Covid within the last 9 months. You will only need one of the above.
Essentially this means that if you are fully vaccinated then you will face no restrictions, quarantine or testing to travel within the EU
What happens if I want to travel with my young family?
As children are not yet vaccinated they will be required to have a negative Covid test (Antigen will suffice for most countries entry requirements). Antigen tests are available locally for under €40 and include to correct documentation for travel. Upon returning to Ireland another test will have to be taken within 72 hours of arrival, these tests cost a fraction of what they do here in Ireland and some countries are even offering them free of charge! However, if the country you are travelling from has very low infection rates there may be no requirement for testing at all.
We will know more detail in the coming weeks about where to go to download the certificate. It is also believed that we will form Bi-Lateral agreements in due course with the US and UK based on this format therefore allowing free movement between Ireland and these countries.
Will there be a traffic light system?
The answer to this one is NO. Once the EU DCC is in place there will be no other system operating in conjunction with it. This will mean that you can be confident in travelling to another EU country without any fear of circumstances changing once you are there.
Will I need any other documentation when travelling?
Apart from your passport and EU Covid Certificate you will not need any other official documentation. We would firmly recommend that you do not travel without travel insurance. Ensure that your provider has adequate cover on your policy and that should you not be able to travel due to a Covid related reason that you will be covered.
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