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Survive and Thrive Long-Haul & Jetlag

Long-haul flights are usually over 7 hours, and jetlag is generally considered to take effect on trans-meridian journeys (flying east-west, rather than north-south) when three or more time zones are passed. These two factors combined can easily knock-on to not just one day, but three of four of your holiday! The travel fatigue and jetlag cannot be entirely prevented, but you can take steps to ensure you land in your destination, ready to go.

Symptoms of jetlag and the effects of long-haul travel include fatigue, insomnia, indigestion, anxiety, irritability, appetite malfunction and mental cloudiness. Not part of the symptoms is fever, vomiting, very sore throat and coughing, and if the likes of these last more than 24 from landing, we would suggest seeking medical advice. To combat the symptoms we have listed, here are Fahy Travel’s top long-haul tips!

● There are steps you can take before you depart, and we suggest to the best of your ability to begin altering your sleep pattern to match that of your destination, even if its simply by an hour or two; if they are 5 hours behind us, try going to bed and rising 1-2 hours earlier than usual before you leave.
● Aim to land in your destination during the day. The earlier you are, the easier it will be to take a short midday siesta, and the daylight is ideal for staving off melatonin production – that’s the sleepy hormone!
● Speaking of melatonin, it is widely suggested to combat sleeplessness, but here in Ireland hormones are not sold over the counter so it is not an option, nor would we recommend it.
● When on the flight, try your best to rest, and stretch out whenever you can to keep your circulation moving. Avoid the preboarding or on-flight alcoholic drinks, and try avoid caffeine as well. Saying no to these little temptations is productive for a better holiday, trust us! Your sleep schedule will thank you.
● When jetting off for a city break close by, the airport and flight can be a fashion show in and of itself, but comfort is the name of the game on long-haul journeys, to promote getting some shut-eye on the flight. Even the flight attendants and pilots rest on long haul journey’s and so should you.
● Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. The recycled air on the craft is going to becoming drying pretty quickly, so keep drinking water and take some moisturiser and lip bam if possible. The last thing you need is to add dehydration to the mix.
● Little and often is how to eat, and we suggest packing some filling snacks into your hand luggage so your tummy isn’t at the mercy of when flight attendants are passing by. If you’re confident you can sleep easily, have your supper when you board and your breakfast before you land.
● If possible to have it in your hand luggage and as soon as possible if not, wash your face and brush your teeth just before landing/as soon as you can when on the ground. It’s go time and somehow this day has just begun. Reset the watch, and let’s go!