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Experience Honeymoon Luxury in the Maldives with Fahy Travel

Your wedding day is one in a million, and your honeymoon should be no different. This can be the holiday of a lifetime, a chance to celebrate your love and future with your partner, and to recover from the mile-a-minute wedding preparations. There is no better place for your dream trip than the incomparable… Maldives!

The islands of the Maldives have perhaps the best beaches in the world; you won’t find more consistently pristine white sand beaches elsewhere, or radiant cyan-blue waters. If luxury to you is basking in the heat while surrounded by beauty, this is the right destination. The weather in the Maldives is glorious year-round, with balmy temperatures ranging from a toasty 30°C down to a chilly… 27°C. You won’t be too hot, and you certainly will never be cold, not even when you take a dip in those crystal waters – they can be as warm as 29°C, with the warmest water temperatures being in April.

The Maldives is renowned for their luxurious resorts, friendly locals and next-to-none guest care. There are spas abound, with treatments to suit every person, some that will be familiar and some to excite and surprise even the most avid spa visitor. After a day of rest and relaxation you may have worked up an appetite, and you’ll be in luck, as the local cuisine of the Maldives is incredible. It has been heavily influenced by neighbouring countries such as India and Sri Lanka, and traditional food of the Maldives (known as Dhivehi cuisine) operates within the food sources which are plentiful, so plenty of coconut and fish. Not to worry if this isn’t to your palate, the resorts have extensive ranges of cuisines so you will be sure to enjoy some delicious meals.

It has been a few days since your ceremony. You have soaked up the sunshine, soothed aching muscles and unwound like never before. Some of us can do this forevermore, others may feel restlessness creeping in already… The Maldives may be known for its R&R potential, but it is also a hotspot of culture, adventure and history. You can visit a Mosque dated from 1656, take guided walking tours, go snorkelling and see some of the most astonishing marine life (including nurse sharks for the brave!) or stay above water and get your heart pumping with incredible marine sports.
Your wedding is your day, and your honeymoon is your holiday.

The Maldives and Fahy Travel can offer you and your partner the holiday of your dreams – why not pop in and tell us what your dream honeymoon is? We’re located at 2/3 Bridge Street in Galway, you can drop us a line at info@fahytravel.ie or on 091-594747.